sensitive teeth?
Discoloured or yellow teeth?
transparent teeth?

this could be a sign of EROSION.

February 9, 2023

EROSION is the loss of tooth structure by an acid – literally, your enamel and dentine dissolving.  It can be caused by a variety of things: food, acid reflux, exposure to environmental substances, to name a few.  Any food or drink that has a pH less than 5.5 will start to demineralize our teeth.

This includes…

  • carbonated drinks
  • many juices 
  • wine/beer
  • many salad dressings

Other causes of erosion include:

  • medical related causes: gastric reflux (GERD), alcoholism, eating disorders, drug induced dry mouth
  • environment related causes: chlorinated swimming pool water, battery plant or mine workers


What can I do?

Consult your dentist or doctor. You may need treatment for an underlying medical disorder or disease.

Make changes to your diet and consumption habits.

Ie. rinse with water after having a glass of juice, finish your drink in one sitting vs. sipping it throughout the day, use a straw, drink milk

Wait 30 min before brushing your teeth and use a soft toothbrush

Use a remineralizing agent such as fluoride rinse or varnish

Ask your provider about bonding for areas of exposed dentin.