Dental Emergencies

if you have a dental emergency, please contact us at 705-653-2221
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knocked out or displaced tooth

Act quickly, within 30 minutes, if possible to increase the chance of the tooth being saved.  Pick up the tooth by the chewing surface (crown), rinse it gently with water if it is dirty.  Try to put the tooth back into the socket right away.  If this is not possible, put the tooth in a container with either cold milk, saline, or the person’s saliva.  You can even keep the tooth moist by putting it in the mouth next to your cheek.


Place an ice pack or warm compress (depending on what makes it feel better) in the area where your sore tooth is to get temporary relief.  You can also rinse the mouth to clear it of debris that may be causing aggravation.

Lost filling or broken tooth

You can cover the broken area with sugarless chewing gum or orthodontic wax.