Braces and Orthodontics


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Early Orthodontics and Functional Appliances

At BSDC we understand the importance of preventive care. This includes monitoring your child’s growth and development. We can treat issues of crowded teeth, bite problems, and abnormal facial development with early orthodontic treatment. This helps to prevent more severe problems in the future that would be more difficult to treat. Functional appliances are important to prevent things like bite problems, underdeveloped jaws, crowded teeth, deep overbites, airway problems, and thumb-sucking habits.

Invisalign or Clear Aligners

Invisalign is a way of straightening your teeth without the look of the traditional metal braces. It involves wearing a set of removable clear trays called aligners that will slowly and comfortably realign your teeth.

Braces for 6 months!

Many adults spend their entire lives covering their mouths when they laugh, smile, or talk. Now there is an effective, safe, and affordable solution that fits your lifestyle. This treatment focuses on giving you a beautiful smile in as short a time as possible. It is a cosmetic option that realigns front teeth only.