Dealing with mouth sores

October 18, 2022

Looks familiar?  That’s because you might have had this before and you know that they can be painful!  Canker sores, also known as APHTHOUS ULCERS are small, shallow ulcers that are usually found at the base of the gums or in the lining of the mouth.  They are white to yellowish in colour with a red periphery and circular in shape.  You might even get up to 5 of them at once!

What can you do to prevent these?
Well the exact cause is still unclear but some triggers include:
– Stress
– trauma/injury to the inside of the mouth
– Certain foods that are acidic in nature such as lemons, tomatoes
– Vitamin or hormone deficiencies

How are aphthous ulcers treated?
They usually resolve on their own in 10-14 days without treatment, but it is possible to get new lesions over the course of a month.

You may experience pain while going about everyday activities like eating and brushing. 

To help manage this try:
– Avoiding irritating food and drink like citruses, spicy foods, crunch foods, etc.
– Salt water rinses
– Sometimes an over the counter or prescription cream can help reduce the inflammation and pain

Please remember to consult with your dentist if you notice any lesions that aren’t going away!