Are you using too much toothpaste?

October 15, 2022

Using too much toothpaste can actually damage your teeth.  You can check if your toothpaste has fluoride in it by looking for the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) label on it.  The CDA seal means the benefits claimed by the manufacturer have been independently reviewed and supported by scientific evidence.  It is important to use the right amount of toothpaste because too much ingestion of fluoride can cause a condition known as dental fluorosis which will discolour your teeth.

Children under 3 years of age should have their teeth brushed by an adult.  According to the CDA, using a rice-sized smear of toothpaste that contains fluoride will allow your child to receive the benefits of fluoride with low risk of developing fluorosis.

Children ages 3-6 years should be assisted by an adult when brushing their teeth.

Tips for teaching your child how to spit:

  • Model spitting for your child – kids learn a lot by watching others
  • Make it a fun game!  Ask your child to aim for the sink drain like it’s a target
  • Praise.  Enjoy the moments you share together when practicing.  Practice spitting with water first then introduce the toothpaste.